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"The best routing app for Shopify merchants."

- Official Shopify Retail Blog -

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From custom order tracking pages to delivery notifications, EasyRoutes lets you craft the perfect delivery experience for your customers.

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Create routes with EasyRoutes and deliver with them EasyRoutes Delivery Driver for iOS and Android. Our delivery driver app puts all the information and tools your driver needs right at their fingertips.

...all without ever leaving your Shopify Admin.


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5 Reasons Why SMS Delivery Notifications Are Important


Nowadays, you can't go anywhere without texting. Whether it's sending a text to your best friend or ordering pizza online, we rely on our phones for every aspect of our lives. Texting has become so ingrained in our daily routines that it has also become the primary form of communication for many businesses. The popularity of texting is only going to continue growing as more people learn about how easy it is to use, which means there will be more and more opportunities for businesses who want to get in on the action!


SMS delivery notifications are convenient for you and your clients. This is true on many levels. For one, you can track your messages in real-time by using an SMS gateway like Twilio. You will know when each of your SMS messages has been delivered and read by the recipient’s phone.

Secondly, if a client wants to get a read receipt from an employee who has received their message via email or text, they can do so with the help of an SMS gateway like Twilio’s. This way they can send group messages without having to worry about which employee got what message or whether they have seen it yet!

Finally, sending multiple people at once is easy with an SMS gateway such as Twilio because it doesn't require any extra work on behalf of either party involved — no copying anyone else into emails or adding contacts one by one into group chats; just type out what needs saying and hit send!

Reduce Overhead

Because SMS delivery notifications are more convenient for the end user, they will reduce overhead on your team. It's much easier to handle a handful of texts than it is to manage hundreds or thousands of emails. For example, let’s say that you’re working at an insurance company and you want to send out an alert about car insurance renewal notices. Using email would require someone in your company to manually send out each renewal notice every month until the customer cancels their policy (or dies).

A lot of businesses use delivery notifications as a way to show their customers that they care about them as individual human beings instead of just transactions. When someone receives a text message from his/her bank asking if he/she wants his/her account linked with Facebook Messenger so the bank can notify him/her when there are fraudulent activities on his/her account, he feels like his bank cares enough about him as an individual human being not just another dollar sign on their balance sheet.

Real-Time Delivery and Read Notification

Real-time Delivery and Read Notification

  • SMS delivery confirmation is one of the most important factors in SMS marketing campaigns. To ensure that you are reaching your target audience and they are receiving your messages, it's vital to confirm that they were delivered correctly and read by the recipient.

  • You can ensure this by adding a real-time delivery/read notification feature to your campaign. This feature allows you to send an instant message through email or text once your message has been sent out and read by the recipient. It also tells you if there was any issue during the process such as invalid number or no network coverage etc., which will help you improve future campaigns.

End-to-End Tracking

SMS delivery notifications can be a useful way for businesses to track the status of their messages. These notifications also help clients and prospects know when they have received an SMS message, which can provide important information about the quality and reliability of your service.

With end-to-end tracking in place, you are able to provide valuable data on the performance of your marketing activities as well as enhance customer support services by providing customized responses based on user behavior.

SMS delivery notifications are always important in keeping up with your clients.

SMS delivery notifications are always important in keeping up with your clients. It will help you keep track of your business and make sure that everything is running smoothly.


This is the right time to start using SMS delivery notifications. With the increasing popularity of smartphones, people spend more time on their phones and less time checking emails or calling their customer service representatives.


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