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"The best routing app for Shopify merchants."

- Official Shopify Retail Blog -

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...all without ever leaving your Shopify Admin.


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7 Reasons Why Email Delivery Notifications Are Important


Email is a critical part of business communication. It’s fast, convenient, and effective. That being said, email has also become a primary channel for cybercrime and fraud. To minimize the risks associated with online communications, it is essential to monitor your company’s reputation and deliverability by tracking email delivery notifications. Here are some reasons why email delivery notifcations are important:

Monitoring Your Email Performance

Monitoring your email performance is the first step in improving your email marketing. Email delivery notifications are the easiest way to monitor your email performance, which will help you to improve your email marketing.

Email delivery notifications let you know how many of your emails are being delivered or not delivered and why they aren’t being delivered. You can use these notifications as an opportunity to make changes that improve the deliverability of future emails, so it’s important that you check them regularly.

Managing Your Company’s Reputation

Email delivery notifications can help you manage your company’s reputation. You need to monitor your email performance and deliverability, so that you can evaluate changes and generate reports.

Evaluating Changes to Your Deliverability

Email delivery notifications are an excellent way to monitor and evaluate changes to your email deliverability.

For example, if you're sending through an ESP that tracks open rates and clickthroughs, you can use this information to improve your email marketing strategy. This could mean varying the subject lines of your emails or changing up the time of day you send them out.

Additionally, if you notice a decrease in the number of delivery notifications that are being sent by your ESP, it might be due to an issue with your list hygiene or content quality (e.g., unsubscribes). If you see an increase in these types of messages after making some changes within your system (such as cleaning up existing subscribers), then it's likely that these new factors contributed directly towards improving overall performance by increasing inboxing rates while decreasing bounce rates simultaneously – resulting in higher deliverability rates overall!

Generating Reports

Reports are a great way to see how your emails are performing. You can see the open rate, the clickthrough rate, and other valuable metrics for each campaign you run.

Discovering the Reasons for Non-Delivery

Reasons for email delivery not being received

There are many reasons why an email isn’t delivered to a recipient. While some of these reasons are out of your control, others can be fixed by taking certain steps. The most common reasons for error include spam filters, email blacklisting and server issues. Here are some examples of emails that wouldn't have been delivered if the sender hadn't taken action:

  • A team member sent an email out to all employees asking if they would like to see their company's new logo on their business cards. Only one person responded saying they didn't want it. It turns out that many other people were receiving this same message but were not responding because they had chosen not receive any more messages from the sender after seeing several previous messages from him/her in their inboxes (they had been added as contacts). This could have been avoided if he/she took time to review his/her contacts list before sending out such important information!

Improving Your Software Solutions

Email delivery notifications are an important tool for improving your software solutions. They help you manage your emails, monitor your company's reputation, and evaluate changes to your deliverability.

It’s important to note that these notifications only show up when an email has been delivered. These notifications do not reflect the number of emails that were sent out or even opened by recipients; they simply show whether or not a single message made it through the system and was successfully delivered to its intended recipient. In other words, this is a positive notification—it means that all is well with your delivery!

Email delivery notifications inform users about the email deliverability and help them determine how to improve their email marketing.

Email delivery notifications inform users about the email deliverability and help them determine how to improve their email marketing. A good delivery notification can make all the difference between a successful campaign and one that doesn’t deliver at all.

Email delivery notifications are essential for many reasons: they help you stay on top of your email marketing strategy, monitor your performance and reputation, process customer support requests more efficiently, build trust with your subscribers, increase engagement rates and boost sales conversions.


In summary, email delivery notifications are important to monitor the performance of your email marketing campaigns. It is necessary to keep an eye on the deliverability of your emails and check whether they are reaching the customers or not. This helps you improve your software solutions and make changes so that your emails reach the intended audience with ease.


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