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"The best routing app for Shopify merchants."

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Why Delivery Notifications are Important


Delivery notifications are important, especially in this day and age where people are so busy. They can help you keep track of your packages and when they will arrive at your house. Delivery notifications are also good for customers because they keep them informed about their packages and make them feel more comfortable about making purchases online or placing orders over the phone.

Notifications are important because they keep people apprised of the status of their package.

  • Notifications are important because they keep people apprised of the status of their package.

  • Notifications help people plan for the arrival of their packages.

  • Notifications help keep people informed of when to be home to receive their packages.

  • Notifications help people know what to expect when their package arrives

Delivery notifications give customers peace of mind and help them plan for the arrival of their packages.

As a person who has had packages stolen off my doorstep, I can tell you that delivery notifications are an important part of the package receiving process.

With delivery notifications, customers know when their package is coming and can plan for it accordingly. If you're expecting a delivery and want to be home to take it in, you can set up an alert from your phone. Once that notification pops up on your screen indicating that the UPS driver is en route with your package, feel free to put down whatever else you're doing and go greet him outside. You'll know exactly when he's coming so there won't be any surprises!

Notifications help people know when to be home to receive a package.

Notifications can also help with scheduling. If you're planning a trip or want to know when your package will arrive, use the notification system to set up times when you'll be available to receive the item. You can set specific dates and times, or choose from preset options like "Every day between 9am and 5pm," "Weekdays only," and so on.

Notifications are also useful for pinning down when trucks won't be coming by your house—for example, if there's been a traffic accident in your neighborhood that makes it unsafe for delivery drivers to visit right away. In this case, use the "No deliveries" option under Delivery Notification in the app (or website) settings section.

Keeping customers informed about their package keeps them coming back.

At the end of the day, keeping customers informed about their package is one of the best ways to build brand loyalty and keep them coming back. After all, what good is a company if it doesn't provide excellent customer service?

Customers want to know where their packages are and when they will be delivered. It's easy for an online retailer or e-commerce site to communicate with customers through delivery notifications.

Delivery notifications can get you repeat customers.

Delivery notifications can get you repeat customers.

The reality is that customers like to feel like they’re being cared for, and they’ll be more than happy to buy from you again if you give them that kind of experience. It’s also easier for a customer to remember the name of your company when there are so many different ones out there competing with each other for their attention. You don’t want your product or service to get lost in the crowd!

Repeat customers are good for business.

Repeat customers are good for business. Repeat customers are more likely to recommend your company to friends, who may then become repeat customers themselves. If those friends become repeat customers, the cycle continues and grows exponentially. The result? More sales and higher profits!

In addition, a single repeat customer can be worth more than multiple first-time buyers combined. A study by Bain & Company found that loyal customers spend between 1/3 and 2/3 of their total purchases with one provider rather than switching around in search of the best deal or for other reasons.[1] In fact, 80% of consumers surveyed said they would pay more money if they felt like they were getting better service from their favorite brands.[2] This means that you need not compete on price—you can charge higher prices and still make more money by delivering great service every time someone orders from your business (and then telling them about how great it was).

Delivery notifications help in many ways, so they should be implemented into any delivery company's business strategy.

There are many benefits to using delivery notifications. The first and most obvious benefit is that they keep customers informed of their package's status. This means that they will be able to plan their day around the delivery time, instead of being surprised by it happening earlier or later than expected. This also gives you a chance to help them anticipate any problems before they occur, so they can take steps that will make their experience better when it comes to delivery day.

Another benefit is that it helps businesses reduce costs by reducing the amount of time spent dealing with customer complaints about delayed deliveries or incorrect orders (which leads us into our next section).


Delivery notifications are an important part of any business's delivery strategy. They keep customers informed about their packages, help them plan for the arrival of their shipments, and can even lead to repeat customers. While many companies have taken this step already, it's still worth considering if your company is one that needs improvement in this area. If you're looking for more information on how to implement delivery notifications into


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